Monday, May 12, 2008

Wrapping Up

Well it has been a looong and bumpy road. Although it was very challenging at times, I have to say thank you! I really have learned alot of neat things. Some I'm sure I will continue to use. Some of my favorites are: Library Thing, WorldCat, Wikis & Web Apps. I think the wikis and google docs would be a great asset to the library. I can't say I really have a least favorite. Some of the "things" I just do not have a use for right now. I may need them at some point down the road and now I know where to look. Thanks for challenging me & have fun checking everyone's blogs! :)


Well I was able to download two books and do some exploring on ListenNJ. It's great if you want to download to an ipod or mp3 player and take it on the go. It even works for someone who needs a book right away or someone who is unable to get out of the house. I did find the book choices slim. I will have to do some more exploring when I have more time. My knowledge of the website is better which will enable me to help patrons.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Finding & Listening to Podcasts

What You Ought to Know! Some interesting facts that you never knew. Everyday there is another fun fact. Check it out you might be surprised what you find out!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Since my blog is named TwinsRFun I thought I would find a cute video of twins. See if you can watch it without chuckling!

Web 2.0 Awards

I have found a few that I like and think I will use. City Guides & Reviews: I think yelp is really neat, it gives you good and not so good places to visit. For any traveling whether it is a weekend roadtrip or a long vacation you can search by any city. I also thought farecast (for traveling) & eventful (which lists upcoming events in your area)were also neat.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Web Apps

I think they are great! You could use these documents for any project where you need to collaborate with a group. It really simplifies things when you have one document that you are working with and making changes to. I think it might be a great way for a branch to gather information for the brochure, since you have different people submitting information to one person for the smaller branches.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Playing in the Sandbox

I played in the sandbox and a found another useful online tool! I think wikis would be useful at work when you have a group working on something. We have a big community program at our branch and I think it would be a great way for everyone to stay up to speed on what's going on.